Another landing at birdbath one. I thought these were European Starlings and they may be, but pictures of those show yellow beaks and feet where these look to have black beaks and feet. These are not daily visitors to the birdbath but when they do visit, they bring all their friends along. I like the looks of the sitting bird watching the landing bird. I also like the late day sunlight on the birdbath. This image is tightly cropped, to the point of cutting out some of its subject matter. I like that and use it in many of my images. I think images with birds look best in grouping with other bird images. A group of pictures hanging on a wall, some painting, some drawings, some photographs, different shapes and sizes like the birds they depict always makes me happy to look at year after year. Add a new image to your collection from the Picturelongmont photography art gallery here.

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