Blue Jay coming in for landing on birdbath one. The birdbath came with the place back when we took up operations at the condo and does it get the business. We wash and fill it constantly to keep up with customers that it brings in. This Blue Jay has its flaps and feet out ready for some proper splashing just below. I have issues getting autofocus to work well on shots around the birdbath. Autofocus works with a combination of setting a zone of focus and sensitivity to tracking. Its gear configuration where if inclined you could truly geek out on technical details and still get blurry pictures round the birdbath. I like the action this image conveys. Birds focused on landing. In the composition it’s got room in front and below to make the landing and the window reflects the trees from where it flew. Those plus it’s in decent focus are what makes this image nice to look at. Shop at Picturelongmont photography art gallery to add a new print to your collection.

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