Portrait of Sammy. I love this picture. The composition, lighting, attentiveness of Sammy come together to make a portrait image that I can look at and smile about time after time. I don’t take a lot of portrait pictures but if I did this is the type of image that I would try for. I wouldn’t say dogs are an easier subject than humans. I couldn’t ask Sammy to look at me like this. I had to be ready to take the picture when he turned his head and said, ‘how’s this’? And I said, ‘oh Sammy, that’s perfect, that’s awesome’. The lighting for this shot was a single lamp at the corner of the chair. Just enough light to catch the right side of his face and tail. The image is a tight crop in both the camera and in post processing. It was shot with my phone, a Motorola XT1096. A picture like this is loved by people in the dog’s family, but I think the image also has universal appeal and would look good hanging on the wall in any vet’s office or other workplace office setting. Shop at Picturelongmont photography art gallery for a new image to add to your art collection today.

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