About PL

Picturelongmont is Paul Casey’s thoughts on photography art since November 2001.

Casey started Picturelongmont by documenting the streets, parks, events and surroundings of Longmont Colorado.

Moving to Indianapolis, Indiana in 2011, I lost the Longmont aspect but kept on making pictures. I use an iPhone 12 and Fujifilm X-T3 digital cameras and for editing I use Gimp and Clipchamp. My subject matter tends to be local, mostly outdoors, scenic images where I strive to make a balanced composition that’s nice to look at.

New this year my images are for sale on my Picturelongmont photography art gallery. You can purchase a photo print on paper, glass, metal or canvas. Also, complete framed art pieces in a variety of sizes and materials. If you like something that I make, buy it. I love you for it. You’re awesome!

I write about my work, editing effects or things on my mind and post new images and thoughts as often as I can.

this coachwork is so well done that it deserves more than a single image and this quad view lets you take it all in