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Daffodils come up in clusters around the base of trees throughout the yard. These are a sign that winter is over for this year. Our winter weather was fairly mild, cold but not too much snow or wind. It’s been the spring that’s brought on the wind, rain and cold weather around here. Through it all, year after year, these yellow and white flowers push their way up and out of the ground to greet us with their sturdy and long-lasting blooms of spring. This image is all about perspective. The camera was nearly at ground level making an image of the flowers that we would normally not see unless we were crawling on the ground close to the tree. There are three distinct zones in the scene that fit nicely into composition’s ‘rule of thirds’, the grass and stalks with lovely lens flare rainbows, the blooms zone, and finally the trees and sky zone. It’s a lot happening in a tightly cropped scene, but that and the bright morning sun filtering through the blooms and stalks are what makes it appealing to me. This image could look great hanging on any wall in the home or in a restaurant or office. It’s the kind of scene that I think looks best when displayed in a grouping of images, just like how here it’s not an individual bloom, but the bunch of flowers that makes the image. Image for sale in gallery.


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