Live free

They say to make an appealing photograph one must follow the rules of composition. Guess what they say the final rule is? Break the rules. In this scene we have three horses running across a valley. They are positioned near the center in a way that I think fits the rule of thirds just fine. My favorite rule about art is ‘the image should look nice and make you feel good when you look at it.’ The horses clearly look like they are having a good time here. They look free, maybe even wild and they are in a green valley next to big water. Awesome. This entire scene is large which is something I tend to stay away from. My images are typically a tighter scale, focusing on a smaller amount of geography. I think the flowing lines, be they the land, the water and the horses come together to make this a pleasing image to look at. If this were printed and hanging on the wall in an office lunch-room, it might encourage the viewer to maybe schedule some time off for vacation. Image for sale in gallery.

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