Fly away

This American Goldfinch is making a left turn to where its headed. I’m a terrible bird photographer, though I do try now and again to get some bird shots. I put my camera on a tripod and set its drive dial to CH, (continuous shooting, high-speed burst) with exposure controls set to auto. I trigger the camera’s shutter from a camera remote app on the phone which connects to the camera via Bluetooth. My problem is with focus and frame. I’ll point the camera to an area where birds are, near a feeder but without having the feeder in the frame. Then I wait nearby ready to trigger the remote when a bird flies past the lens. You can imagine what the wait time feels like in this scenario and then if a bird does fly past will the camera capture it in focus? This image is definitely not a great bird picture, but it does have some things going for it. It’s got a clean background, it captures some action with adequate detail, and it’s framed ok. I can look at it and enjoy it for what it is. It gives me inspiration to go out there and point the camera at nothing and wait for another bird to fly past in hopes of getting a better bird picture. Get photography art to enhance your home or shop at the Picturelongmont photography art gallery by Paul Casey.

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