Flo me

Flo at Walt Disney World greets us as we walk to breakfast in the park. Photography can have the effect of flattening things as it creates a 2D image from a 3D scene in front of you. In this case with Flo, it’s hard to tell the physical objects from the lifelike painted scenes. There’s a hint of rain on top of the car and the dry area underneath around the car that shows off the physicality of her shape. The sun is low on the horizon and partially blocked by the buildings behind but enough gets through to paint beautifully across Flo’s roof and hood lines. Photographers want to pay attention to lighting across shiny subjects to make sure their own shadow or reflections do not become part of the image. This picture makes me smile. With this subject matter how could it not? The image would look great hanging on a wall in a garage or outside on a deck. Flo is a classic. Enjoy!

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