Bodie island

Bodie Island Lighthouse stands in front of a late September sky as a flock of geese run towards the south to take off. They talk about the rule of thirds when discussing photography artwork composition. It’s about how the elements of a scene are balanced within the frame in a way that is nice to look at. This image for instance has three things that I think are balanced within the scene that make it enjoyable to look at for me. In front we have the geese running in the field. Behind them the fence, trees and the lighthouse buildings. Finally, behind them the sky full of clouds. It’s odd there’s no water with crashing surf in a lighthouse picture but this scene has something else to say. It says, “fly south you geese cause big weather is coming and we’re watching out for you”. 🙂 This image would look great printed as a frameless piece, maybe metal or canvas print and displayed on a wall next to a door leading outside. Give viewers something to contemplate as they exit to the outside, something that says take care, you’ll be ok, we’re watching out for you. Decorate your life with images that give you something to contemplate about at the Picturelongmont photography art gallery today.

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