To fall

This image of Horseshoe Falls could be reference material for a painter to paint the Niagara Falls. If they were painting a scene like this the painter might lighten the blue sky up and they would not include the water-spot dots that appear in the mist here. An artist could add another bird or two to the composition as well. An artist with paints or inks has freedoms that the artist with a camera does not have. The camera with its physics approach to capturing an image does not like to be pointed directly into sunlight. And if water is splashing around it’ll get on the lens and be visible in images that are made. I like this image as is, but I think another run at post processing to remove those two spots would make it better. I love the composition of this scene, the balance of land (water), to sky is perfect for me. That bird soaring in the mist cloud really makes the image and makes me happy to look at it. This scene could look good with a light-colored mat and frame becoming a good decoration on nearly any wall.

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