End of day in the west woods

End of day the day we built the bridge over west wood branch. West wood branch bridge. Taking a picture with the sun coming right at you presents some challenges. I like to position myself to block part of the sun behind a tree or something. I set my camera controls for automatic because its tech is better than my guess for getting an ok exposure in this situation. Depending on the scene in front of me I might override the aperture setting. In this case, with everything kind of in the distance and the sun right in front of me I would shoot at F8 and maybe up to F11. I don’t want to stop down too much because I need some light on the shadow side of things. It might be obvious that I used a vignette filter on this image. I like how it deemphasizes some of the foreground letting the sunlight on the ground and edges of the trees stand out. End of day in the west woods.

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