Right now

Make an image now from stuff that’s right here. This image could possibly look good with a grey mat and thin black frame hanging on a wall in an optometrist office. If I was specifically making an image to hang in the office, I’d try to make the subjects all sparkly clean. In this case I was just playing with composition with things that were on my desk. Besides the light there are three things. Glasses, iPad, and piece of paper. It’s a color image but this is a case when shooting black and white might be better. I don’t know. Not sure what those vertical stripes are but some of them are gold colored and I think I like that. The left side lens in the reflected image is black and denies the bright stripes which is interesting and I don’t know why that happened. This could be an example of product photography, or it might be called still life. To me it is just an example of when I picked up a camera and said make an image from stuff that’s right here, right now.

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