Beach side

The Surf City Ocean Pier spans the horizon of this ocean beach scene. Daylight is winding down as the sun is low in the west, off beyond the right side of the image. Oceans and horizons go together and it’s very common to need to do a little image tilt shift in post processing to make the horizon appear level. On this particular image that was not necessary because I got it level in the camera. I think most cameras have a level feature in their viewfinder so you can line up the scene while you’re looking at it to make it square. This is a pretty simple composition. Water, land, sky and human presence. The pier is what this picture is about even though it is relatively small and in the distance in the scene. You can see how the pier is built up at the deep end where things can get pretty rowdy during storm season. This is an easy picture to look at that I think a lot of people can relate to even if they don’t recognize the particular beach. If you are a fan of the Topsail Island and Surf City beach scene, then you might enjoy the image even more. Image for sale in gallery.

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