Training mishap

Our pilot is getting told by the training instructor about why their North American BT-14 did a nose-dive and ruined an expensive propeller. I used to drive over to Ohio to visit mom and dad and sometimes on my way home I’d make a quick stop to check out some exhibits at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. The Museum is enormous, and I’d get there shortly before closing-hour and challenge myself to make one or two images with my phone camera before they would announce ’15 minutes till closing’. I think this image tells a good story about a training lesson that didn’t end well. When I’m looking at the scene through the camera, I give myself enough time to think about what I want to capture and how I want the image to look. In this case I moved around, tilting the camera up and down to exclude props and placards that I did not want in my scene. In editing I adjusted the color for white balance to remove the yellow color of the indoor lights. This image could look good hanging on the wall in a child’s bedroom or perhaps in someone’s airplane hangar.

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