Fooled you

April fools’ day! They’re playing Hogwarts Legacy game here at the condo these days and hearing it being played made me think this image is appropriate for this first day of April. In the image Hogwarts is under the spell of dark arts which can’t be good for anyone. Hopefully Hermione, Ron, and Harry can muster the strength of magic to cast out Borgin and Burkes crew before it’s too late. Speaking of dark arts, making this image consisted of casting a few spells with my favorite photo editor, Gimp. I took the picture with my phone camera from quite a distance back and pointing upward to the scene. Gimp’s transform perspective tool helps to straighten up the building lines from the original photo. I don’t go too crazy with this, because perspective exists, and we expect to see some of it in this type of image, but I try to achieve a balance of look for the scene. I use the color curves tool to manage the exposure, contrast and colors until I like how things look. Fans of the dark arts might enjoy hanging this image on any wall within their caves.

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