Twenty twenty four knocking on the door. I’ve been putting pictures on Picturelongmont for 23 years. In 2001 I was building a library of images of all the buildings up and down the main streets of Longmont. Google did better and soon after rolled out their street view maps. In 2004 I was taking pictures of desks and computers that I was building as Axelweston Internet. My computers ran Linux OS and were named after birds. The Wren, Hawk, Sparrow. The different desktop software builds were named after variety of grape. Sauvignon, Pinot, Cabernet. System 76 did better and in 2006 rolled out their Linux based systems made in Denver and named after four-legged animals of the jungle. So here we are at 2024. I’m still putting pictures on Picturelongmont, my website, one of over a billion sites on the internet. Quality, image-based content. Free to the world. In this way I do feel that I’m doing my part to make my world a better place. Happy New Year.

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