Where the value

In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined

Withstand the strongest winds

The third little pig worked hard all day and built his house with bricks. It was a sturdy house complete with a fine fireplace and chimney. It looked like it could withstand the strongest winds.

Made his way

He called, his voice sounding basso in the thick air and the Merchant answered. The Explorer made his way toward him, thrusting violently at the coarse stalks that barred his path.

Sleep in the air

He could sleep in the air without falling, by merely lying on his back and floating, but this was, partly at least, because he was so light that if you got behind him and blew he went faster.

The bright evening light

The bright evening light washed the eastern ridge, but the valley was darkening. Doves flew down from the hills to the spring, and the quail came running out of the brush and joined them, calling clearly to one another. Love first.

He held the doors

Moments passed in a comfortable silence, as they waited for the elevator to descend and the doors to swoosh open. It was vacant. He held the doors. She stepped inside and to the corner. He had his back to her while he selected the floor. Politeness and courtesy first.

In the wilds

Pictures are constrained by their frame boundaries. This scene makes me want to see so much more of what I guess exists there. But this is all I get. With this I look for a balance in the composition. Similar amounts of water and sky to rock and forest. A balanced flow of action from… Continue reading In the wilds

Roll on down there

It seemed like I knew all the ways then. Distance measured in minutes. We didn’t talk about fuel. A lot of it is downhill.

It’s everywhere anymore

Photography evolved from a mechanical process of installing a film into a camera to a more touchless process of using a camera built with a digital sensor that captures the incoming light to create a file on a storage medium. The transition from film to digital sensor started to happen in the early 1990s. Decades… Continue reading It’s everywhere anymore

King of the lions

Above his eyes false eyes. He never looks as if he’s not alert and awake. He only exists here now.

Falling leaves

Camera held against a post for stability and set for fully automatic exposure, made this image of full moon on October 27, 2023. October was a big month for all of us in and around the condo. This picture represents for October.


this time
we knew
still though
time flew
that time


flashes of light
blurred our vision
the drumming
slowed our mission
he rode away
had enough of fishing


it was then
couple hours before
sven picked up
a pen


a tree
gave to birds
a place to sing


december evening
i was weaving
he was cleaving
she was believing
this all
had some meaning


in the valley
we spent the night
mornings light
shone bright