Still life

This image to me would be categorized as still life photography. It’s maybe larger scale than typical still life and it contains living life subjects so some might argue but that’s ok. Photography and art are not perfect. Especially the images that I make are not perfect. When we took up caretaker duties at the condo there was a mature hackberry tree in this spot. Wind and storms caused damage to the tree, so we had it removed and then planted a summer garden in its place. I wanted to make an image of the yard art items along with the bright orange flowers. It turns out that one of my favorite things about this scene are the purple flowers that circle the base of the garden globe. I had to distort the image in processing with oil paint filter to remove the harsh reality look that digital photography gives to foliage (and everything for that matter). The resulting image presents a scene of sun-drenched colors arranged in layers that would brighten a wall in any home or workplace. Add a new piece of photography art to a place in your life by shopping at the Picturelongmont photography art gallery today.

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