PictureLongmont is photography art by Paul Casey
Casey’s photography, thought, technical essay, story, song, current event are here on PictureLongmont

The Lilly house

The lights are synchronized to recordings of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra playing popular holiday music. Lights race up and down the yard. Globes and trees shine on and off. Colors change. All in beat to the music. It’s a wonderful thing to see and hear. Looking at just one picture you might not know about all the fun that was happening. The single image might convey a quiet and peaceful feeling looking at a well-lit home and garden. When I’m making pictures I think about how it will look in a stand-alone setting. The balance of objects that make up the scene. I want to make an image that is easy to look at, something that one might even want to look at. That’s the kind of art that I like.


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