The coneflowers

This little group of coneflowers, or echinacea, stand in the late day sun out on the east side of the condo. I love all the flowers that Nancy has planted and cares for in the yard. Their colors brighten the landscape and attract butterflies and bees and they give me something to make pictures of. Her flower garden looks nice as I walk up to it but what I see with my eyes and mind often does not translate well to the physics of the digital camera. I seek out a detail or a small grouping in a particular light and then wipe out the details in editing with an oil paint filter to make an image that looks pleasing to me. A storm came through the day before and pounded us with rain and hail. Really gave everything a beating. I think I see that in the petals of these flowers. They look kind of beat down. But they are standing here in the sunlight recovering providing for all the creatures that visit them.

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