This image of a yellow house was part of an album on Picturelongmont where I documented the different neighborhoods across the city. This house is in the Historic Eastside Neighborhood of Longmont Colorado. As a standalone image the subject matter here is the color. With the snow and clouds erasing the detail of the foreground and background all that’s left is the yellow color on the house. Because it’s wintertime we can actually see most of the house. The rest of the year the house becomes near invisible because the leaves on the trees block everything behind their walls of green. From the perspective of art, I think the image is easy to look at with its strong horizontal lines of the road that anchor the horizontal lines of the house while contrasting vertical lines of the trees mimic the rise of the roofline. The colors and contrast are slightly downplayed as the overall mood of the scene is cold stillness. I think this image would look great hanging on the wall perhaps in a grouping with other images of architecture or cityscapes. Shop at the Picturelongmont photography art gallery for a new image to add to or begin your collection of visual art scenes.

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