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Rolling and crashing

Surf rolling and crashing on the beach. I set the camera on continuous shooting mode which fires the shutter for as long as I press the button. This scene consists of fifteen individual images that were opened as layers in Gimp and then exported as a .gif file with the animation option selected. You can set how much delay you want between each image in the animation and for this I set it to 80ms. This is mild surf and I think it’s mesmerizing to look at. I was out there swimming when the surf was much bigger than this and that was a mistake. I got caught up in it the wrong way and it slammed me to the sand multiple times rolling me underwater dragging me along the bottom. It was hard to get out of. I crawled up on the beach pretty shook up and exhausted. Enough of swimming for that day. For some reason I always want to go out there swimming after dark late at night. I walk out there alone it’s dark night, the surf is crashing around my legs, I want to swim but instead I think about sharks and then I pussy out and don’t swim. For many years my mantra has been ‘don’t be a pussy’ it helps me succeed through situations that are painful and difficult. Almost always works but not with a nighttime swim in the Atlantic. JAWS


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