Ohio calling

I drove back and forth to Dublin Ohio a couple times a month when mom and dad lived there and this arch at the Ohio border along Interstate 70 was the halfway point of the three-hour drive. I had a thing about taking a picture as I approached the arch and so have a collection of images of this from all months of the year. I like what Ohio did here at their border. A mile west of here is a relatively tiny sign welcoming you to Indiana. It’s easy to miss that sign but you know you’re in Indiana because the road goes to crap compared to the smooth surface you’ve been driving on for the past 20 miles or so. The late-day summer sun really gives dimension to the clouds which mimic shapes of the trees along the road. The composition with the road spanning edge to edge the bottom of the frame draws me into the scene giving me a sense of being there when I look at this. I don’t drive to Ohio anymore and sometimes I miss those trips with their changes of the scenery to the changes of the seasons. I look at this picture that tells me to come back soon because there is a bit of my heart back there in Ohio.

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