More spring

Textures and color are the theme in this image here. There was a breeze blowing and sun between cloud covers when I was pointing a camera at the cherry tree for this shot. In my mind I’d be successful if I could just get a nice-looking bundle of blossoms in focus with some blue in the background. I set the camera drive to continuous, high speed, tried to focus on the close flowers and went to work. You get a lot of images to go through as a result and that’s something that I actually enjoy. I flip back and forth and make snap decisions on what to keep and what not. I’m really not thrilled with this image. I think the lighting is weak and the focus is too shallow. That’s alright, not everything is going to be the best. I’m happy to have a blue and pink image to look at to remind me that the tree went in bloom last year because this year there were literally no blooms on it.

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