She planted a butterfly garden early on when we moved to the condo. Every year since as spring greets summer the garden comes alive with color and activity. Monarchs, Swallowtails, Mourning Cloaks, hummingbirds, bees, bugs and crawlers of all kinds visit and make their lives on the plants and flowers there. We’ve watched the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly take place on the milkweed plants year after year. Most all of that life is gone now that fall is heading into winter and what’s left is the life cycle of the milkweed where its seeds fly off on silken puffs in search of fertile ground where they can grow come next spring. The sunlight bounces off the individual threads as a gentle breeze coaxes each flyer out of the pod and onto its journey to the unknown. Good luck to you, milkweed. Hope to see you next year.

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