Honda CB1100

Product shot, 2014 Honda CB1100. Outdoor shoot, early morning sun is only light source and handheld camera. I wanted a clean background and thought that a large and empty parking lot would provide that. I also did not want any detail to show in the background, so I set my lens to a fully open aperture and let shutter speed and ISO settings be automatic. This image is a front three-quarter view of the subject. I try to position myself so that I’m not seen in reflection on any of the bike shiny surfaces but here I ended up in a reflection on the right-side mirror. Black on black is difficult for me to photograph but with the early morning light I feel like I got some separation of body and engine components pretty well. The main feature of this motorcycle is the four-cylinder, air-cooled engine and I think this image shows that very well. This image will be used in a sales brochure for this bike but could also be printed and displayed on any wall where motorcycle enthusiasts would enjoy viewing it.

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